Our Services

Prior Art search
In public and private data bases. This step is essential to establish whether a project meets the patentability requirements.
Patent Drafting
We assist you in developing an appropriate description of your patent application in order to facilitate the processing and concession of the patent right in Chile and abroad.
Patent filing and prosecution
In Chile, PCT and abroad. We also give advice on the compliance with the formalities required by the various patent offices.
We support you in the drafting of responses to the Official Actions issued by the expert before the Chilean and foreigns PTO’s.
We have a network of agents of the highest level for the prosecution of the applications in foreign parts.
Registration and protection of trademarks
We advise you on the registration and prosecution with the formalities required by the various trademark offices.
We have a network of agents of the highest level to register trademarks abroad.
Service monitoring all our cases
Done through an advanced processing program commissioned to dsarhoya, this software enables our customers to check the status of all their applications at any time and to retrieve online their official documents.
Legal counsel for Intellectual Property protection
Drafting of License Agreements
Registration of Copyrighted works
Contractual protection of all types of intellectual capital (NDA’s clauses, authorization for use of image, and different contracts regarding intangibles).
Trade Secrets
The draft of Websites’s Terms and Conditions.
Advice on the use of tax incentives for R & D