Patent Prosecution System

ALBA PROFESSIONALS has developed a software that allows to control, without margin for error, the terms to respond to the PTO’s officials requests that may arise within the patent prosecution procedure, wether it be a term to issue an Official Action, a Formal Processing Reques or the payment for the annuity fees.

The system sends automatic reminders of the PTO’S Office actions to the client/inventor and to the professional in ALBA in charge of the prosecution, in order to eliminate human error in controlling the processing of a patent.
Every official document generated from the patent file can be stored in the system.
Each inventor or client is given a password to our website, which allows them to view on line at any time the status and the official documents of their applications.
The system is hosted on the cloud servers of Amazon, thus, it counts with the support, infraeestructure and safety of a leader technology company worldwide.
This technology guarantees the performance of the application and the durability of the data stored on it, regardless of your location. This ensures that the client never miss a file in the processing of a patent.
The files are stored on separate servers, without public access, that may only be managed from within the application. This is the safest technology available in data storage: security and confidentiality is guaranteed.